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Betty Crocker is a brand and fictional character used in advertising campaigns for food and recipes. It was originally created by the Washburn-Crosby Company in 1921 following a contest in the Saturday Evening Post. In 1954, General Mills, an American Fortune 500 corporation, branded the red spoon logo, giving various food-related merchandise the Betty Seal of Approval. A portrait of Betty Crocker, first commissioned in 1936 and revised several times since, appears on printed advertisements and product packaging. On television and radio broadcasts, Betty Crocker was portrayed by several actresses, on radio by Marjorie Husted for twenty years, and on television by Adelaide Hawley Cumming between 1949 and 1964.

Ana Milena G mentioned in a review "I had high expectations for the Betty Crocker Super Moist Devil's Food Cake, but when I tried it I hated it. It has a very artificial flavor. Would not buy anymore."


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Stephanie says

"Kept missing ingredients"

Andrew says

"The recipes are confusing and the amounts are listed as ( 1 | 2) which does little to explain the amount of ingredients included or used. The groceries are okay but not great. The prep time is much larger than they claim. The box was delivered a day early with no warning and without anyone ringing the bell or knocking."

Laurie says

"We did not receive our delivery due to damage. Very upset! I hope the next delivery shows up correctly."

Kimberly says

"I care for my Mother (total care) and Uncle whom both have significant medical history and problems. Originally, I signed up for HomeChef but found most of the recipes were time consuming with limited choices. I did some research and decided to try EveryPlate because of cost and ratings. I've been very disappointed below the main reasons: 1) Most all dinner meals include potatoes 2) Limited amount/type of veggies in relation to the amount of potatoes 3) Pasta meals are always the same type of noodles. I have to skip numerous weeks because of limited meal choices, preparation time, requires additional seasoning and quality of products . Although I'm not a chef or experienced cook I feel I could do better. Please note that since I've been using EveryPlate, HomeChef has expanded their meal choices, provided additional online recipes/tips and other information. My plan is to finish what I have and then either change back to HomeChef or try another meal plan companies..Thank you for the opportunity to provide this feedback."

Bpw911 says

"Sugar cookie mix, peanut brittle mix, AND chocolate brittle mix with \'use before March 2021\' labels purchased today (December 22, 2020) are STALE. Tried to bake and all 3 were a disaster! WTF???"

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